Sunday, September 21, 2008

The magic of life

I’m not asking for no commitment, no, I’m not asking
For nothing at all, I’m asking, dearest one, I’m asking
For you to take my hand, for you to take my cheek, I’m
Longing for love, for attention? –as my elders taught me.

The point is, dearest, dearest, charming, sweet being, thee
the point is, how long can we travel together, how long we
will endure our caresses, even if there was no point on such bless
The point is, you’ll say, immediately, you’ll say, it’s pointless

For how long, does it matter? How deep, does it matter too?
For me it does, in all senses it matters, it does, for how long
Naif, as always, naif, how much would I like our love to last
To grow, embolder ourselves, we together much more to fast

Con torpes palabras, hechicera, sólo quiero pedirte un antifaz:
Estar contigo y desearte y amarte y sólo para siempre jamás.


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